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The Barley Bothy

The Farm

James and Jane share a passion for farming and the countryside, they were both born into farming families originating from Kent and Somerset respectively. James moved to Scotland as a child and dreamt of farming his own farm in Aberdeenshire one day!

After meeting Jane and introducing her to Aberdeenshire she soon fell in love with not only the man but the area! They married and set to work on achieving the dream starting a small sheep and strawberry enterprise from James’ parent’s farm and a their own family too!

Newton of Begshill came onto the market in 2011 and the couple were able to purchase the farm and continue to expand their farming business of sheep breeding and growing strawberries as well as adding an enterprise – growing barley for malting whisky.


As an agronomist James directs the growing on the farm, be it barley or strawberries. Jane heads up strawberry picking and sales, selling to local farm shops, ice cream shops, delis and butchers as well as Farmer’s Markets.

Ewes are lambed in January / March and are fattened throughout the spring.

2014 sees the introduction of our latest venture an agritourism enterprise of glamping – along held aspiration of Jane’s!
The farm is a true hands on family business with James, Jane and their two children Freddie and Hector taking a keen interest and helping where they can.